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Life outside the classroom often defines a young person’s high school experience. The non-academic endeavors of Gonzaga students are inspiring and make Eye Street special.
With a diverse student body that hails from zip codes and middle schools all over the Washington DC metropolitan region, it's hard to nail down a singular Gonzaga student experience. Our students bring with them wide-ranging interests and talents. As a result, Gonzaga’s extracurricular offerings are equally robust to meet the needs and desires of its students. 

Currently there are over 60 active clubs, 41 sports teams, four performing arts groups, and three major student publications—in addition to the many retreat and service opportunities organized by the Campus Ministry Department.  

Gonzaga offers various multicultural clubs which support the daily lives of minority students, consistent with the vision laid out in Gonzaga’s Diversity statement. For decades, the ONYX club has planned school-wide assemblies and brought distinguished speakers to campus to celebrate Black culture at Gonzaga. Diversity at Gonzaga is celebrated and plays a critical role in the mission to form Men for Others.   

Gonzaga students give of themselves around campus and beyond—always learning, always growing, and always busy! Each morning a live student-led TV broadcast announces the afternoon activities and the sports scores from the night before, and airs funny features and shares campus news. An active Student Government Association, complemented by an always creative and spirited Booster Club, drive social gatherings and plan Gonzaga’s dances. 

Whatever a student’s passion may be, there is most likely an activity at Gonzaga to meet it. And if not, then our students are encouraged to creatively fill the void. Examples of pop-up clubs include bowling, BBQ, spike ball, and reality TV.

Clubs such as Model UN, the Peace Club, and Eagles for Life, regularly take advantage of Gonzaga’s amazing location to hear and learn from lawmakers, policymakers, and other civil servants. Students often volunteer on campus at the Fr. McKenna Center, a daytime, drop-in shelter for homeless men, and deliver meals to nearby residents, strengthening the bond between Eye Street and the local community. 

It can be argued that Student Life at Gonzaga is what sets it apart from other high school experiences in our region. If you have any questions about Student Life or about the work of the Office of Student Services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone in the department.


Jim Kilroy
Assistant Headmaster for Student Life


List of 6 members.

  • Photo of James Kilroy

    Mr. Jim Kilroy 

    Assistant Headmaster for Student Life, Mathematics Teacher
  • Photo of Caitlin Farley

    Ms. Caitlin Farley 

    Director of Student Activities, Science Teacher
  • Photo of Anthony Cerra

    Mr. Anthony Cerra 

    Assistant Dean of Students
  • Photo of Amy Harper

    Mrs. Amy Harper 

    School Nurse, RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
  • Photo of Andrew Powers

    Mr. AJ Powers 

    Assistant Dean of Students
  • Photo of Jonathan Ruano

    Mr. Jonathan Ruano 

    Associate Dean of Students, Latino Student Success Coordinator, DEI Practitioner

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