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In the Gonzaga Counseling Department, our work with students centers around the Jesuit philosophy of cura personalis, or “care for the entire person." 
Each freshman class is assigned a counselor, who stays with that class through graduation. During a student’s four years, a counselor’s primary purpose is to provide academic guidance and support so that students may make the most of their academic lives at Gonzaga. Counselors also provide individual and group counseling services in an effort to promote each student’s personal, educational, social, and spiritual well-being. We also work in collaboration with teachers, faculty, administrators, parents, and outside private counselors.

Throughout a student’s career at Gonzaga, his counselor will encourage him to carefully consider the profile of the Graduate at Graduation. We’ll challenge each student to think critically, act morally, advocate for himself, and take responsibility for his actions, while working to discover his potential in all aspects of life.

In addition to meeting with students one-on-one, the Counseling Department offers small, closed-ended group discussions on topics such as depression, separation and divorce, anxiety, grief, and addiction. These discussions give students a safe space to share their personal story, while also hearing from other students who have faced similar challenges.

While some of the Gonzaga counselors are trained in psychotherapy, we are not therapists in our role at Gonzaga. Rather, our role is to provide general, supportive counseling within the context of an academic environment. You can click on our bios at right to read more about our individual backgrounds.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our web page—we encourage you to browse the various resources and links we’ve provided. Although technology is a wonderful thing, it can never take the place of personal contact. Please stop by the Counseling Department any time for a visit!  


Meaghan Tracey
Counseling Department Chair


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  • Photo of Meaghan Tracey

    Ms. Meaghan Tracey 

    Counseling Department Chair, Counselor - Class of 2025
  • Photo of Thomas Kimmitt

    Mr. Mac Kimmitt 

    Counselor - Class of 2024
  • Photo of Maureen McLaughlin

    Ms. Maureen McLaughlin 

    Counselor - Class of 2026
  • Photo of James Morgan

    Mr. Jim Morgan 

    Counselor - Class of 2027


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