Summer Learning

During the summer of 2024, Gonzaga will offer a wide array of academic programs and classes. More information about these programs can be found below. Online registration is open and can be completed by clicking on the links below.

Freshman Transition Program


Gonzaga offers courses to students who are admitted and enrolled members of the Gonzaga Class of 2028, offering a "back to basics" approach. In addition to the Introduction to Eye Street class, which provides a foundation for a student's time at Gonzaga, these workshop classes in Reading, English, Music, and Mathematics have been developed to ease the transition from eighth grade to high school. All Classes are taught by current Gonzaga faculty. 
Structured to prepare students in core subjects and essential skills, the Freshman Transition Program introduces the high school classroom, the transportation routine, and the Gonzaga campus and facilities. Students must remain on campus during the summer session for breaks, lunch, and between classes. Lunch and refreshments may be purchased in the cafeteria.

The four-week program runs from June 24 to July 19, with July 4 and 5th off from classes for the holiday. More information can be found by reading these Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • Introduction to Eye Street

    Introduction to Eye Street is the cornerstone class for incoming students to Gonzaga. The course's purpose is to introduce new students to the many aspects of student life that may not fall under our standard academic curriculum. The class is centered around the five tenants of the Graduate at Graduation (Intellectually Competent, Open to Growth, Religious, Loving, and Committed to Doing Justice). Working backward to their first days as an Eagle, the class creates an extended orientation to help students be better prepared for their first day of school at Gonzaga. Topics covered will help our young men understand: the history and importance of Gonzaga's location in its identity, why students attend Gonzaga, what our expectations are for Gonzaga students, how to use the many technological tools available to Gonzaga students, and how Gonzaga can plan to help them achieve their goals over four years on Eye Street.
  • English Workshop

    The English Workshop will engage students in writing essential for subject writing in their high school courses. This course will include a review of basic composition with a strong emphasis on sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. A thorough introduction to the "Gonzaga Writing Project" will also be included.
  • Mathematics Workshops

    The Mathematics Workshops are designed to meet students where they are in terms of arithmetic and algebraic skills. Students will be placed in the appropriate class based on the Gonzaga Mathematics Placement Exam. Every course is tailored to provide an ongoing general review and individualized help where necessary. The following courses are available in the Freshman Transition Program:  Advanced Math, Algebra, and Geometry.
  • Reading Workshop

    The Reading Workshop will provide the student with proven techniques for increased comprehension and retention of reading material. Students will concentrate on the analysis of Gonzaga's summer reading texts through structured discussion and short written responses.
  • Music

    In Gonzaga’s summer music enrichment program, students will have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of endeavors, not only as members of a large ensemble like band, orchestra, or choir but also as composers, soloists, and chamber musicians of musical expression while preparing to become productive members of the arts community.

    Over the course of the program, students will work with the director of bands on a program for a large ensemble, small group, and solo music. Culminating in a featured performance in Gonzaga’s historic St. Aloysius Church, students can showcase their efforts to the wider Gonzaga community and get a first-hand look at the concert preparation process.

    The Music Class will meet during Period 2: 9:45 AM to 11: 05 AM.

Summer Mathematics Classes for Advancement

Summer Mathematics Classes for Advancement are a concentrated and accelerated class meeting two and a half hours a day for 23 days in the summer (classes start on June 17 and run through July 19). Upon completion, the course will be listed on the student's transcript with a grade, fulfilling the prerequisite for more advanced mathematics courses. These courses are for academic credit, however, the classes do not fulfill Gonzaga's mathematics graduation requirement of four years of math classes. Registration for these classes will take place when registering for 2024-2025 classes.

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  • Geometry

    Geometry is offered only to the recommended rising sophomore wishing to advance in Mathematics.
  • Precalculus with Analysis

    Precalculus with Analysis is offered only to the recommended rising junior or senior wishing to advance in Mathematics.
    • Class meetings: Weekdays June 17 to July 19 from 8:30 am to 11:00 am; June 19 and July 4 and 5 are holidays
    • Students must attend every class, missing more than two classes will result in the student being withdrawn from the course.

Summer Enrichment

The Gonzaga Summer Enrichment program allows students to enhance their skills in key subjects, prepare for college testing or applications, or discover something new and exciting.

Each class will need a minimum enrollment to offer the enrichment class.  If the minimum enrollment is not met, the course will be canceled, and payment will be refunded. To enroll for one of these classes, please click here

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  • Algebra Refresher

    A review of the basic algebra skills grown "rusty" during geometry, this course is designed to help students prepare for Algebra II in the Fall.  This class will allow students to enter the next phase of high-school mathematics with confidence and knowledge.
  • Gear up for Geometry

    Gear up for Geometry!  This course is an opportunity for high school students to develop skills needed for success in Geometry.  Introductory instruction and conceptual development of geometric theorems, postulates, and proofs are provided.   Students will learn to switch from the analytical approach used in Algebra to the more logical methodology of Geometry.
  • SAT/ACT Review: Mathematics

    The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) continues to be an essential component of the college selection and decision process for college-bound seniors. Gonzaga's review courses are open to male students from all area high schools and help students prepare for these important tests.
    The classes are intensive and comprehensive, devoted exclusively to reviewing and mastering test materials, and include a simulated test.  
    The SAT / ACT class in Mathematics is designed to give students a thorough review of college preparatory math.  The review includes an overview of the basic concepts and theories and practice in using essential skills and formulas.
  • SAT/ACT Review: Verbal

    The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) continues to be an essential component of the college selection and decision process for college-bound seniors.  Gonzagas review courses are open to male students from all high schools and help students prepare for these important tests.
    The classes are intensive and comprehensive, devoted exclusively to reviewing and mastering test materials, and includes a simulated test.  
    The SAT / ACT English (Verbal) class provides students with a review of logic problems and analytical readings.  Writing, vocabular-building and ongoing word review are stressed.  Review and practice for on-demand essay writing in the new format will be thoroughly covered.
  • Summer Writing Workshop

    The Summer Writing Workshop is open to rising sophomores or juniors who want to improve their writing skills, specifically with literary writing and paragraph/essay writing. The class will meet for 80 minutes a day. It will be tailored to students’ needs, and all levels are welcome. Content could include a review of punctuation templates (PTs), paragraph and/or essay structure, and other grammar and writing rules. Students will be encouraged to revise response paragraphs and essays that they wrote during the school year.

    This class will need a minimum enrollment to be met to offer the enrichment class

Credit Review Tutorial

The Gonzaga Credit Review Tutorial Program is an innovative alternative to course failure designed specifically for Gonzaga students. The tutorial format provides students with the opportunity to concentrate on a single subject with individual instruction and attention.

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  • More Information

    The intensive curriculum for each course is structured as a tutorial with a limited number of students per course. The class schedule will be set once enrollment is completed.

    Classes require 90 minutes of instructional time each day, providing enough time to enable teachers and students to cover subject matter in-depth and fit instruction to individual needs.

    In past summers, Gonzaga students who attended summer review classes improved their performance the following semester in the next level of the subject studied by an average of one and one-half grades.

    The following courses are offered in the 2023 Summer program. Please select the course(s) desired during the registration process. Please select the class in Session Options:

    * American History
    * Algebra
    * Algebra II
    * Biology
    * Chemistry
    * English I-IV
    * Geometry
    * Religion - Freshman
    * Religion - Social Justice
    * Spanish
    * TV COmmunications
    * World Cultures
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