Student Life

Student Publications

Students have the opportunity to sharpen their writing, editing, and creative skills by working on a handful of student publications. 

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  • The Aquilian

    The Aquilian is Gonzaga’s student newspaper. In addition to covering news and happenings on campus, the paper includes stories and editorials on topics of national interest. It’s published six times each year. 

  • The Phoenix

    The Phoenix, Gonzaga’s literary and visual arts magazine, is published annually in the spring. It features a wide cross-section of original poetry, short stories, studio art, photography, and essays. Many of the poems are written by students in Gonzaga's Poets and Writers Club, a very active student group led by English teacher Mr. Joe Ross that regularly hosts poetry readings and workshops. 

  • The Aetonian

    The Aetonian, Gonzaga’s yearbook, was founded in 1941. It’s published annually and includes student and faculty photos, descriptions of schoolwide events, and more.  

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