Television and Broadcast Production

Homeroom at Gonzaga always starts the same way: by watching upperclassmen anchor the news on WZAG. 
A closed circuit TV station with a studio on Gonzaga’s campus, WZAG is run and operated by students. Gonzaga recognized many years ago the importance of communications—whether visual, literary, oral, dramatic, or digital. As a result, the school began offering WZAG, a TV communications course that’s available to juniors and seniors.  

In the class, students get the chance to be part of producing a live, local news show—they conduct interviews, deliver announcements on air, create special features, and learn to use professional editing equipment. They also study the history of broadcast journalism and its role in modern society.

And of course, they have fun, often treating homerooms to spoofs of TV shows or campus life. 
Click on the video below to see an example of a WZAG feature that was produced by Gonzaga students.
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