Visual Arts

The Visual Arts at Gonzaga can take many forms, from paintings to digital creations and almost everything in between. 
Students in our Visual Arts classes learn primarily through hands-on, participatory experiences. For example, as students progress through the curriculum of arts elective courses, they’ll experiment with dry media (such as graphite, charcoal, and pastel), painting, and sculpture, then move on to creating 3-D architectural models or computer generated art. Other offerings include classes in photography, where students learn to work in a darkroom, and communications design.
Additionally, students interested in sharing their work with the school community have a variety of outlets. 

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  • Cantwell Hall Gallery

    This corridor on the ground level of Cantwell Hall is designed to display visual pieces, including paintings, photographs, and other hanging art. The Cantwell Gallery features several displays throughout the academic year such as the Senior Art Exhibit and the Alumni Art Exhibit, as well as themed projects from Basic Art and Advanced Art students.
  • The Phoenix

    The Phoenix is Gonzaga’s literary and visual arts compilation. It is published each spring by student editors who are moderated by a faculty member. It features a wide cross-section of original poetry, short stories, essays, studio art, and photography, and is a true testament to the artistic talents that abound in the Gonzaga student community. Click here to page through the most recent issue.

Visual Arts Staff

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  • Photo of Matthew Duffy

    Matthew Duffy 

    Fine Arts Department Chair, Fine Arts Teacher
  • Photo of Shelly Farace

    Shelly Farace 

    Fine Arts Teacher
  • Photo of Ciaran Freeman

    Ciaran Freeman 

    Fine Arts Teacher
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