Weather Policy

Gonzaga follows the Montgomery County school system’s decisions on school closings. If Montgomery County schools are closed because of inclement weather, Gonzaga will also be closed. If Montgomery County schools have a delayed opening of any length, Gonzaga will follow the "Late Start" bell schedule.
Because Gonzaga is a regional school, there may be great variance in the weather conditions affecting our students. Gonzaga encourages parents to always use their own judgment about allowing their sons to travel. 

If inclement weather occurs on a day when Montgomery County schools are already scheduled to be out of session, the Headmaster will determine Gonzaga’s status and post this information on the school website.  

On days when access to campus is restricted due to weather related or other emergencies, the Headmaster may call for “Continuity of Learning” (COL) days.  On such days, it is the expectation that faculty and students are actively engaged with one another synchronously through the use of Canvas and video conferencing technologies.  On these days, testing may occur and new assignments may be assigned and due.
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