Gonzaga Mothers Club

Welcome to Eye Street! If you are a mother or female guardian of a Gonzaga student, then you are a member of the Gonzaga Mothers Club.
Gonzaga moms contribute their time to dozens of events in which we support the boys, the faculty and staff, the school, and the neighboring community. Take a moment to explore the GMC’s pages on this website, and see the range of events and activities in which we enrich the Gonzaga community. Whether we are running a bake sale, serving breakfast to the Gonzaga faculty and staff, collecting donations for the Fr. McKenna Center, or organizing our annual Christmas Gala, Gonzaga moms are a critical part of this vibrant community. We also make lasting friendships and have the great pleasure of giving back to the school that does so much for our sons. The only requirement to participate is a spirit of hospitality! 

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Welcome to the GMC! 

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Kristen Allen
President 2022-2023
Gonzaga Mothers Club

GMC Leadership

Kristen Allen, President   
Gerry Gretschel, 1st VP    
Shannon Kopplin, 2nd VP    
Jennifer Winters, Secretary 
Sarah Scherer, Treasurer
Sapna Delacourt, Communications   
Shannon Merkle, Webmaster 
Hazel Lychak, Past President 2021-2022

GMC Events and Volunteer Opportunities

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