Whether you play an instrument or love to sing, Gonzaga’s music program offers plenty of opportunities to learn, practice, and perform. 
The school offers more than a half dozen instrumental and choral groups that play everything from traditional to contemporary music. Students have the opportunity to showcase their talents during school events such as concerts and Masses as well as at local and national competitions. And many students perform with more than one group. Click on the music groups below to learn more about each. 

Instrumental Groups

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  • Symphonic Band

    The Symphonic band plays more challenging music than the Concert Band while still spending time on further developing fundamentals. This band gives two concerts a year and travels to festivals and adjudications throughout the year. Placement in this ensemble is by audition only.
  • Concert Band

    The class is designed to help improve the students’ fundamental skills while learning to play in an ensemble setting. While this course is not for beginners, it offers organized instruction for students who already play a band instrument and are seeking continued development in order to meet qualification standards for Symphonic band. Students supply their own instruments. 
  • Chamber Orchestra

    This ensemble is featured at most school Masses and performs traditional liturgical music.
  • Jazz Ensemble

    An extracurricular ensemble that provides students the opportunity to play some of the best literature that this American art form has produced throughout the years, including compositions by Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis. In addition, the jazz band plays jazz fusion, Latin, and rock genres. All students must audition for this ensemble.

Choral Groups

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  • Choral Arts

    This entry-level choral arts experience is open to all students who are new to high school level choral singing. Students will learn the basics of tone production and sight reading. They will learn to sing in unison and in parts, and will perform a variety of musical genres, styles, and eras. Students participate in class rehearsals, with additional mandatory evening rehearsals and concerts as scheduled. Students interested in this course should speak with Mrs. Dunn about enrolling.
  • Concert Choir

    This is the intermediate choral arts experience and is open to all students by audition. Students will build on the skills learned in Choral Arts and perform music in two and three parts. They participate in class rehearsals, with additional mandatory evening rehearsals and concerts as scheduled. This course extends beyond foundational techniques and teaches students more extensive theory, vocal anatomy, and repertoire. 
  • Honors Chamber Choir

    This is the advanced choral arts experience and is open to upperclassmen by audition. Chamber Choir studies vocal techniques and diction, as well as advanced sight reading and theory, as part of an academic program which prepares them to perform the masterworks of vocal literature of various eras and styles. Students participate in class rehearsals, as well as evening rehearsals and performances. Students are invited to perform at numerous liturgies and concerts throughout the year, and to collaborate with other high school choirs in festivals and workshops. 

Music Staff

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  • Photo of Jennifer Dunn

    Mrs. Jenni Dunn 

    Choral Arts Director/Teacher
  • Ms. Sarah Nelson 

  • Photo of Andrew Wood

    Mr. Andrew Wood 

    Fine Arts Teacher, Director of Bands & Orchestra
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