Performing Arts Hall of Fame

The Gonzaga Theater Hall of Fame was established in 1999 by then-President Fr. Allen Novotny, SJ, at the behest of the Gonzaga Theater Project, the group that organized the Sheehy Theater’s 100th Anniversary celebration.
The Hall of Fame was created to honor those members of the Gonzaga Dramatic Association who had made a lasting impact on the performing arts, either while at Gonzaga or in their careers outside of the school.  A committee of veteran and involved GDA members was established to select inductees each year.  The Theater Hall of Fame’s first inductee in 1999 was Dr. John C Warman ’57, who was the driving force behind the GDA productions for more than 40 years and for whom the stage is named.
Over the years the Hall of Fame has welcomed actors and crew members, men and women, directors and parents.  Its members have continued their work in college and beyond, performing on stages across the country (including Broadway), as well as on television, radio, and the big screen.  They have excelled in acting, singing, dancing, set building, and production, and have produced a litany of work that inspires current members of the GDA to reach for the stars so that they too can bring the joy of performing to people everywhere.


Paul Buckley 
Theater Hall of Fame Chairman
Meghan Goldsmith (Visitation) ’01
Vice Chairman

John Nalls ’82
Vice Chairman
GDA Theater Hall of Fame (2022)
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