Tuition and Financial Aid

Gonzaga firmly believes that cost should not be a barrier that prevents deserving young men from attending our school—all of Gonzaga’s admissions decisions are made without regard to financial need.
Each year, we offer more than $4 million in financial aid to more than one-third of our student body. In keeping with our mission, our aid is primarily distributed on the basis of financial need, although we do offer some merit scholarships as well.

Need-Based Financial Aid

We encourage any family who thinks that Gonzaga may be beyond their means to apply for financial aid. We use the School and Student Services (SSS), a service of the National Association of Independent Schools, to process aid applications. To apply, please fill out an online application here. Then, mail Gonzaga a paper copy of your Parents Financial Statement application to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (you can also email a copy to an Admissions Office staff member). If you’d like, you can include a letter explaining any extenuating circumstances.

  • Families receiving need-based financial aid must re-apply for aid each year; the deadline for applications for the families of returning students is March 7, 2022. Families who are not currently receiving aid from the school are also welcome to submit an application, by the deadline, using the link above.
  • If you are a freshman applicant to Gonzaga, the deadline to apply for financial aid is January 14, 2022. Grants are awarded based on a family's presented need, financial figures, the overall need of the incoming class, and Gonzaga's financial aid budget. Notification of financial aid grants will be sent with acceptance letters on February 24, 2022.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Each year, Gonzaga recognizes applicants that we feel have the potential to make especially significant contributions to our community in the areas of academics or musical performance. All students who submit ninth-grade applications are considered for the following awards:

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  • Gonzaga Presidential Scholarships

    The top academic applicants are awarded a $5,000 annual scholarship for each of their four years at Gonzaga. Families cannot apply for Presidential Scholarships. They are awarded by the Admissions Committee at the time of admission to incoming freshmen only.
  • Gonzaga Sousa Scholarships

    The top ten music applicants from the incoming freshman class are awarded a $1,000 annual scholarship for each of their four years at Gonzaga. After acceptance to the freshman class, students are invited to audition with a faculty member from the Fine Arts Department for the Sousa Scholarship. Applications for this scholarship are provided after freshman registration.

What Does Gonzaga Cost?

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  • $24,950

    2021-2022 tuition, which does not include food or transportation
  • $1,150

    Lunch Program
  • $1,000

    Registration deposit, applied to tuition
  • $35

    Application fee
  • $1,200

    Approximate cost of books per year


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  • Photo of Andrew Battaile

    Andrew Battaile 

    Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Photo of Mike Hanagan

    Mike Hanagan 

    Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Photo of Brittany Smith

    Brittany Smith 

    Admissions Office Administrative Assistant
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