Whether you play an instrument or love to sing, Gonzaga’s music program offers plenty of opportunities to learn, practice, and perform. 
The school offers more than a half dozen instrumental and choral groups that play everything from traditional to contemporary music. Students have the opportunity to showcase their talents during school events such as concerts and Masses as well as at local and national competitions. And many students perform with more than one group.

"Students in our music programs are consistently challenged to cultivate their individual talents and abilities all while building relationships through group performance," says David Smith, chair of Gonzaga's Fine Arts Department. "It is the goal of our program to foster a sense of belonging, artistic awareness, and an overall appreciation for music." 

Instrumental Groups

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  • Chamber Orchestra

    The Chamber Orchestra is available to students who play violin, viola, cello, and double bass. The orchestra explores multiple genres, and an educational emphasis is placed on instrumental technique, music reading and comprehension skills, ensemble playing skills, independent musicianship, style, a deeper understanding of small group ensemble music, and orchestral literature. The Chamber Orchestra performs two concerts during the academic year and occasionally travels. Last year, the Orchestra traveled to New York City—a highlight of the trip was when the young musicians visited the Tarisio Violin Auction House, where they got to play some of the finest instruments in the world. 
  • Concert Band

    Concert Band is for less experienced instrumentalists and provides rudimental instruction that will help the students progress into the Symphonic Winds. All students must audition for this group.
  • Jazz Band

    Jazz Band is an extracurricular ensemble that provides students the opportunity to play some of the best literature that this American art form has produced throughout the years, including compositions by Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis. In addition, the jazz band plays jazz fusion, Latin, and rock genres. All students must audition for this ensemble.
  • Liturgical Ensemble

    This ensemble is featured at most school Masses and performs traditional liturgical
  • Symphonic Winds

    The Symphonic Winds Ensemble is composed of traditional brass and woodwind instruments, including trumpet, trombone, French horn, clarinet, saxophone, and flute. The group performs at various school functions and assemblies, as well in local and national competitions.

    The Symphonic Winds is an advanced ensemble for instrumentalists who play at a very high level. All students must audition for this ensemble.

Choral Arts Groups

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  • Chamber Choir

    Made up of about 30 singers and instrumentalists, the Chamber Choir makes between 12 and 20 appearances annually. These include school liturgies, winter and spring concerts, and other Gonzaga events and public appearances, as well as festivals and workshops with other high schools. The Chamber Choir also competes in national competitions every two or three years in cities such as Boston, Orlando, and New York. Also known as The Eye Street Boys of Gonzaga High School, the Chamber Choir covers a gamut of styles from ancient and classical music to the latest genres of contemporary music, carrying on a tradition of men’s choral singing from the earliest days of Gonzaga.
  • Chorus

    There are two Gonzaga Choruses, each with approximately 30 freshman and sophomore students​. The Choruses practice daily, learn the rudiments of music, and typically perform four times each academic year—one liturgy and one concert each semester.

Music Staff

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