Welcome New Faculty and Staff!

Gonzaga is thrilled to welcome 22 new faculty and staff members to the community this fall. If you see these new faces around Eye Street, be sure to say hello!

Bob Barry
Science Teacher 
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Education: M.S., Educational Studies, Johns Hopkins University; B.S., Secondary Education, Penn State University
Coming home: “I attended Holy Trinity, a Jesuit Parish in Georgetown, growing up. I began my career at a small Episcopal school in Miami called Palmer Trinity School. I enjoyed teaching and coaching there, but I knew I would not be in Florida forever. After five years, I returned to the DC area to attend Johns Hopkins University. Growing up in the area, I have always held Gonzaga in high esteem in regard to academic and athletic excellence. I value a strong education supported by moral development and extracurricular involvement, all of which are provided by Gonzaga.”

Emily Brown 
Math Teacher
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Career background: “This will be my ninth year teaching. I have taught high school math in Tennessee, North Carolina (to students who were deaf and hard of hearing), and in Georgia. I am excited to bring together my passion for teaching mathematics with Gonzaga's Jesuit values.”

Robert Churchwell, III ‘90
Dean of Students
Hometown: Silver Spring, Maryland by way of South Bend, Indiana
Education: B.S., Finance, Georgetown University; MRESA/PK-12 HPE Teaching License, GA Tapp Program (Alternative Certification Program); M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction, American College of Education.
Background: “I played professional basketball for 8 years in the NBA, CBA, England, Japan, France, and Germany. I’ve spent 18 years in education, including 16 years in the classroom teaching. I spent the last two years at Cristo Rey Richmond High School in Virginia.”
On coming back to Gonzaga: “As an alumnus, I fully understand how special a place Gonzaga is. I am excited to be back on Eye Street to give back to the young men what Gonzaga gave me.”

Kathleen Clark 
English Teacher 
Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut
Education: BA, English, University of Notre Dame; MA, English, Boston College
Before Gonzaga: “I taught English for two years at Xavier College Prep in Palm Desert, California, and for two years at Jesuit High School in Tampa, Florida.”
Why she loves teaching: “For me, English is integral to the Jesuit mission--if we are to learn to be people with and for others, we must explore a variety of stories and texts representing all walks of life, and we must also learn how to express our own ideas and stories clearly and confidently. I love teaching English because it offers me the opportunity to accompany students in that journey to deeper empathy and to more effective, honest communication.”

Britney Pugh Crooks 
Headmaster's Office Executive Assistant and Registrar 
Hometown: Miami/Fort Lauderdale area Florida
Education: B.S. from Barry University
On joining Gonzaga: “I began working in the Headmaster’s Office in July, and I’ve enjoyed seeing the positivity and energy each person brings. Gonzaga’s camaraderie is contagious.”

Jenni Dunn
Director of Choral Arts 
Hometown: Odenton, Maryland 
Education: B.M., Vocal Performance, Towson University; M.M., Vocal Performance, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Why she teaches: “I absolutely love the relationships created within the classroom and the privilege of being a part of each student’s journey. I’m excited to join Gonzaga because of the support this school has for the arts and its commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

John Gardner 
Social Studies Teacher 
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Education: B.A., Global Affairs/International Relations, George Mason University; M.A., Global/International Education, Drexel University
Background: "I taught AP US History, AP World History and World History for the past five years at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory School in Houston, Texas. I also coached soccer at the JV and Varsity levels."
Why he’s excited to be here: “The focus on cura personalis and the formation of young men into Men for Others has been an integral part of my life. The values and opportunities that a Jesuit education can provide to an individual are truly endless and being a part of the formation of students is rewarding and meaningful.”

Xiao He 
Chinese Teacher 
Hometown: Sichuan, China
Education: M.A. and B.A. in English Language and Literature, Sichuan University
Background: “I spent the past two years teaching Chinese at Notre Dame Preparatory School in Towson, Maryland. Before that, I taught Chinese language and literature courses as an adjunct faculty at George Mason University. I also worked as an associate professor at Beijing Language and Culture University in China for over 20 years.During that time I studied and researched in Second Language Acquisition as a visiting scholar at the University of Toronto and the University of Pennsylvania for one year respectively, and I taught the Chinese language and literature courses as a visiting professor at McMaster University in Canada and George Mason University in the USA for two and three years respectively.”
On joining Gonzaga: “I love working with young people, and I am looking forward to learning and growing together with my students.”

Mark Horak, SJ
Religion Teacher, Campus Minister, Chaplain to Gonzaga Sports Teams 
Hometown: Washington, DC
Education: B.A., Georgetown University; Master of Urban and Regional Planning, Virginia Tech; J.D., University of Maryland; M.Div., Weston School of Theology
Background: “My first career was as a city planner in the Baltimore-Washington area. Since becoming a Jesuit in 1985, I have worked as a teacher at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, as an immigration lawyer, mostly in Baltimore, and as a pastor of parishes in Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Atlanta.”
Why he loves teaching: “Teaching is a wonderful opportunity to help students to think critically and to question things that they have previously taken for granted; to discover God present and actively loving them in all things, and to choose a life of service and care for others.”

Andrew Hudspeth
Science Teacher
Hometown: Arlington, Virginia
Education: M.S., Chemical Education, University of Pennsylvania; B.S., Chemistry, University of Virginia
Why he loves teaching: “I love helping students create meaningful connections between advanced science content and the real world. Science can relate to just about any topic; I love to tailor science standards to a student's unique interests and watch them develop a love for a subject I am passionate about.”
Fun facts: “I'm a licensed deep water scuba diver, have driven an aircraft carrier, and was in a rock acapella group in college.”

Brian Kilner ‘16
Science Teacher 
Hometown: Rockville, Maryland
Education: B.S. Biochemistry, B.S. Environmental Science, and B.A. Philosophy from The University of Scranton. Currently completing an M.S. in Chemistry at American University.
On coming back to Gonzaga to teach: “I graduated from Gonzaga in 2016 and always hoped I could return as a faculty member. I love Jesuit education--I attended a Jesuit college as well--and I am thrilled to be back. I’m excited to share my enthusiasm for science with students, as my Gonzaga teachers did for me. And I’m excited that no two days teaching will ever be the same.”

Ashley Krautkremer
Religion Teacher 
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Education: B.A. in Religious and International Studies, Iona College; MAT in Secondary Education, Notre Dame of Maryland University; MTS (Master of Theological Studies), Loyola University of Maryland (May 2022 expected).
On teaching: “Before coming here, I taught Religion at Calvert Hall College in Towson, Maryland for five years. I have discovered the classroom to be a sacred space. It is space where teachers and students are able to grow together in so many ways. As a religion teacher, I particularly love watching the spiritual growth of my students that enables them to see the world in a more hopeful manner.”

Brittany Mack 
Database Manager 
Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia
Before Gonzaga: “I started my professional career working for Fairfax County for two years. Then, I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2020. Since then, I have worked for Deltacom Security and Blueprint Venture Group. I am excited to be joining the Gonzaga community because it highlights the importance of kind people, giving back, and supporting the surrounding communities.”

Sophia Menconi 
Counseling Administrative Assistant 
Hometown: Potomac, Maryland
Education: BA, English/Creative Writing and Theatre Arts, Denison University
On joining Gonzaga: “Having been raised in the Catholic faith, I have a great appreciation for the social responsibility stressed in Ignatian education, and I'm excited to be joining a community that is so engaged and enthusiastic in that work.”

Shannen Milletary 
Assistant Librarian 
Hometown: Pensacola, Florida
Education: B.A. Fine Art, University of West Florida; M.L.I.S., University of South Florida
Career background: “This will be my fifth year as a librarian. After graduation, I spent two years as a children's librarian for a small Catholic school in my hometown. In 2019, I moved to Alexandria to work for the Basilica School of Saint Mary as their Library Information Specialist. I love finding creative ways to expose students to new or challenging material by having fun (games, puzzles, fun facts). Seeing my students enjoy my class is one of the best feelings.”

James Millson 
Computer Science Teacher 
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Education: B.S. In Mathematics
Career background: “I've been in the I.T. field for eight years, and teaching at the high school level for the past four. I love helping people of all ages better understand their devices and how to navigate the technological world.” 
On teaching computer science: “Technology and computers are always changing. For me, teaching computer science is as much about instruction as it is learning together.”

Kathy Nealon
Assistant to the President
 Alexandria, VA
Education: B.A., Communications, University of Maryland
On joining the Gonzaga community: “There is something so special about what Gonzaga does. It inspires young men to be the best they can be and be of service to others. We were fortunate to send our son here and enjoyed being involved parents in the mothers and fathers clubs, rugby and football programs. It's just so fun to be back on Eye Street again. High school is such an exciting time, and because these years fly by, I hope that whatever I do here can help make the students' time at Gonzaga memorable and rewarding.”

Steve Pope 
History Teacher 
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Education: B.A., Boston College; M.Sc., School of Oriental and African Studies
Jesuit traditions: “I’m looking forward to joining Gonzaga because of its commitment to Ignatian spirituality. I graduated from Boston College where I had the chance to go on many retreats and service learning programs. I also had two great uncles who were Jesuits, so I imagine I’ll feel spiritually at home at Gonzaga.”

Kara Schwabel 
Assistant Headmaster for Faculty Staff and Formation
Hometown: Everywhere; “We moved a lot as a kid.”
Education: B.S., Education; B.A., Psychology; M.S., Creativity and Change Leadership; Ph.D., Ethical and Creative Leadership
Why she’s excited to join the Gonzaga community: “I fell in love with Ignatian Spirituality and the Jesuit approach to education during my tenure as Director of Differentiated Instruction at Canisius College, so I jumped at the opportunity to come to Gonzaga. I can't imagine a better place to be doing exactly what I love.”
On working in education: “My passion is to lift others up and to help them find their purpose in life. Teaching and leading are both ways that I can develop the relationships critical for doing this work.”

Renee Spencer 
Social Media Specialist 
Hometown: Lake Orion, Michigan
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Digital & Photographic Imaging
Career background: “I've provided creative marketing and design work across the industry spectrum. I started by retouching images for National Geographic, dabbled in corporate retail, owned my own business, and eventually became Creative Director at a Cyber Security Company. I'm excited to join Gonzaga because we are marketing for the greater good in sharing all the wonderful events and achievements of the students and faculty for the extended community. And I love that my job allows me to be creative, each and every day.”

Sarah Strohecker 
English Teacher 
Hometown: Bethlehem, New York
Education: B.A., English and Secondary Education, Boston College; and M. Ed., Curriculum and Instruction, Boston College
First impressions: “I can already tell that Gonzaga has a very supportive and friendly community. I am also excited about the focus on developing values and critical thinking in my students, particularly with the use of experiential learning.”

Marcus Taylor '97
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach/PE Teacher
Hometown: Washington, DC
Education: B.S., Marketing, Hampton University
Background: “I worked as a federal government employee and in the PR industry for several years before I decided to follow my passion into the Strength and Conditioning field. Through lots of different experiences I later opened a gym - Petworth Fitness (formerly Crossfit Petworth). This led me to want to work with kids and my dream of coming back to Gonzaga as a Strength and Conditioning Coach was realized in 2018.”
On teaching in the classroom: “I have never taught an official graded class but I have been 'teaching' one- on-one with athletes and athletic classes for almost 13 years. I love how people have that 'a-ha' moment after several lessons.”

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