Gonzaga-WJA Science Fair

The third annual Gonzaga-WJA Science Fair took place on Friday, February 9 in the Carmody Center. The culmination of months of hard work by students from both schools, the fair this year featured the work of 27 pairs of students. 
In the months leading up to the event, there were 10 open lab sessions on Fridays after school, when students from WJA would spend two hours at Gonzaga with their partner, planning and working on their projects. In the end, the resulting projects addressed a wide range of interesting topics --  from machine learning and electrolyte levels in sports drinks to the diet of microscopic nematodes. 
We hope you enjoy the photos below, and congratulations to the following winning pairs:
Overall Winners: Elijah Jimenez and Michael Corso '26
Project Title: Finding the Optimal Tilt Angle for Solar Panels
Runner Up - Best Conclusions/Real World Application: Yared Yeshewalul and Michael Licamele '25
Project Title: The Effects of Different Variables in Machine Learning
Runner Up - Best Background Research: Jason Knight and Beppe Boglione '26
Project Title: Maximizing the Efficiency of a Water Wheel
Runner Up - Best Scientific Method: DeMir Boddy and Tyler Harry '25
Project Title: Finding the Best Antibacterial Agent for Hospitals

WJA Science Fair (2024)
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