Water Polo Featured by the Washington Post

On Saturday, October 21, the Washington Post wrote an article about the rich swimming history in the Washington area and how Water Polo is currently "looking for its lane" as an option for high school student-athletes to pursue. "Gonzaga has one of the East Coast’s top teams, but that’s an anomaly around here," writes the reporter, Spencer Nusbaum. 

The article quotes a number of our current Eagles including Connor Duffey '24. When asked to reflect on learning the new sport after growing up as a successful swimmer, he said, “You just fall in love with it so quickly... Just kind of like that brotherhood forged through that hard work.” 

In late September, Matt Clifford '24, who scored a triple-overtime game winner in the Beast of the East semifinal, reflected on the win by saying, “The payoff after a really tough game, there’s no feeling like that. Now we’re working toward a bigger goal."

Coach Nick Pugliese '08 was asked to reflect on how the sport is trending. He said, “It’s quick, it’s intense, it’s got the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and you never know who’s going to make themselves a star. … Yeah, I am optimistic.”
You can read the entire Washington Post article here.

On the year, Gonzaga holds a record of 13-6. To finish out the season, the team will compete in the Easterns Championship Tournament from November 3-5.

Go Eagles!
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