National Honor Society Welcomes New Members

On Thursday March 2nd, the Gonzaga Chapter of the National Honor Society inducted 107 new members. All of the inductees have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or higher and have also exhibited excellence in scholarship, leadership, character, and service during their tenure at Gonzaga.

The ceremony was led by the four seniors who have served as elected officers throughout the 2022-2023 school year: John Corso '23, Chapter President, William Wolfe '23, Vice President of Service, and Jack Tompkins '23 and Vincent Caspari '23, Co-Vice Presidents of Scholarship. Dr. Bernard Cook, parent of NHS member Emmett Cook '23, delivered the keynote address and inspired inductees to change the metaphorical way they view their education. John Corso '23 delivered a reflection on his time as president and challenged the incoming inductees to embrace the opportunity to serve their school, their alma mater. 

New members will all serve on a subcommittee within the broader chapter. Some will serve on the Scholarship Committee and focus on providing peer tutoring to underclassmen on Eye Street. Others will serve on the Service Committee and administer the Backpack Drive and Food Drive, both in support of the McKenna Center. Still others will serve on the Character Committee and will function as tour guides, ushers, greeters, and general upstanding students at various events on campus including Back to School Night, Open House, College Counseling Case Night, and the Gonzaga Gala.

Regardless of which committee they serve on, rest assured that these inductees will be busy in service to the Gonzaga community. Congratulations to the following students, the NHS Inductee Class of 2023!

Lucas Abrantes ’25
Thomas Albero ’25
Peter Allen ’25
John Alzona ’25
Dylan Amolsch ’25
Connor Amorosi ’24
Lucas Angier ’25
John-Michael Apostol ’25
Gianluca Balestrieri ’25
Burette Baran ’25
Michael Bicksel ’25
Anderson Bishop ’25
Thomas Brady ’25
Jose Maria Eduardo Bunag ’25
Jose Maria Lorenzo Bunag ’25
Carter Cadin ’25
Michael Callahan ‘24
Colin Carpenter ’25
Nathaniel Carr ’25
Thomas Choquette ’25
Peter Clancy ’24
James Patrick Coogan ’25
Patrick Coyne ’25
Benjamin Crooker ’24
Colin Crowe ’25
James Cuthbertson ’24
William Decker ’25
Christopher DiLorenzo ’25
Richard DiMaio ’24
John Eager ’25
John Egge ’25
John Patrick Eich ’25
Declan Ewald ’25
Theodore Ewald ’25
Benjamin Feinberg ’25
Gavin Fore ’25
Christian Francis ’25
Bryce Gilbertson ’25
Anderson Harlor ’25
John Hartman ’24
Aakash Hill ’25
John Hirko ’25
John Patrick Howard ’24
Ivan Hughes ’25
Alexander Irisari ’25
Frederick Kai Jones ’25
Andrew Kalitka ’25
Thomas Kemp ’25
Matthew Kennedy ’25
Tyler Kim ’24
George Koutrouvelis ’25
Andrew Kozeny ’24
James Finnerty Kramer ’25
Andres Krizan-Luque ’25
Michael Licamele ’25
Luca Limarzi ’25
John Mahler ’24
John Mann ’25
Carter Marisa ’24
Luis Martinez-Molina ’25
Lonnie McAllister ’25
Robert McCarthy ’25
Luke McDermott ’25
Pierce McGlynn ’24
Kyle McHugh ’24
Andrew McKeen ’25
Jack McNair ’25
Braeden Meeker ’25
Ethan Merkle ’25
Kyle Merkle ’25
Jason Mohr ’25
Miguel Monteverde III ’25
Colin Mulligan ’24
Benjamin Norton ’24
Conor O'Brien ’25
Matthew Pardo ’24
Ryan Paxton ’25
Colin Phoel ’25
Matthew Podratsky ’25
Aidan Potter ’24
Juan Alfonso Preciado ’24
William Prisco ’25
Luke Robb ’24
Michael Rock ’25
Dev Saluja ’25
Stephen Salvi ’25
Michael Schaefer ’25
Henry Scherer ’25
Wyatt Smith ’25
Matthew Sowell ’25
Andrew Stansel ’25
Samuel Stogoski ’25
Thomas Szymkowicz ’25
Benjamin Tescher ’25
Calvin Timm ’25
James Tobin ’25
Aidan Tran ’24
Dylan Valencia ’25
Leo Wach ’25
Charles Jay Wagner ’25
Johnathan Watson ’25
Caden Wilkinson ’25
Malcolm Wyatt ’25
William Wynne ’24
Giovanni Zapattini ’25
Joseph Zorc ’24

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