Combining Science with Service

The second annual Gonzaga-WJA Science Fair took place on Friday, February 17 on Gonzaga's campus. The fair showcased the work of more than two dozen pairs of students – one from each school – who had been collaborating on their projects since the fall. 

Started last year by three members of the Class of 2023 -- John Corso, William Deye, and Aidan Friedman -- the idea behind the fair was to combine science with service. The goals of the event were to introduce WJA students to lab science, create a new leadership opportunity for Gonzaga students, and foster scientific growth in both the WJA and Gonzaga communities.

Much like last year's event, this year's fair was a great success with 25 pairs of students presenting their projects and findings to a panel of judges. The projects addressed a wide range of scientific questions and problems -- from water filtration and earthquake resistant architecture to renewable energy sources and plant growth. The winning projects were:

  • Overall first place: Andre Watkins and Peter Allen '25, "The Effect of Nonpolar Solutions on Polystyrene"
  • Best Science Background: Bryan Folem and Michael Licamele '25, "Ion Wind Rotor"
  • Best Data and Scientific Method: Daniel De La Luz and Lucas Irwin '24, "Testing the Effect of Weight Distribution on a Robot’s Speed "
  • Best Analysis and Conclusions: Daylen Bolding and Alexander Johnston '23, "Determining Which Types of Salt Most Effectively Melt Ice"

Thank you to Gonzaga's Science faculty, and in particular Mr. Drew Hudspeth, for their hard work in organizing and encouraging this event, as well as all of the students who took part. Finally, thank you to the following scientists who served on our panel of judges, generously volunteering their time and expertise:

  • Joseph Amprey, MD PhD, Founder and CEO, Zero Point Five Therapeutics
  • Terry Dean, MD PhD, Neuroscience Researcher, and Pediatric Critical Care Specialist, Children’s National Hospital 
  • Sierra Gardner, MS, Sr. Research Associate for Bacteriology, National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center
  • Diana Glick, PhD Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Chemistry, Georgetown University
  • Madison Jackson, MTM, Early Oncology Portfolio Associate Director, AstraZeneca
A special thank you to Joey Bunag '25 and Enzo Bunag '25, for photographing the event this year!


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