On Fatherhood: Conrad Singh '00 Visits Religion Classes

Every year, Conrad Singh '00, who works in Gonzaga's Marketing and Communications Office, speaks in Ms. Katie Murphy's ethics classes about fatherhood. 
"It's a beautiful and real talk about his experience of fatherhood," says Ms. Murphy. "The challenges of holding it together in crisis as well as the beauty of small traditions, like the family Christmas card." Mr. Singh has two young children, one in kindergarten and one in second grade. 
Ms. Murphy asked the students to write reflections after the talk, and many of them said it provided them with an authentic and valuable perspective on what it's actually like to be a dad. "Mr. Singh provided me with a better understanding of the deep emotional love that a father feels for his son or daughter that I have heard so much about, but never in such detail," said Colin Heil '24. "The unpredictability of fatherhood stood out to me as he could never know how his kids would grow up, but only knew that they would be deeply loved." 
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