Spring Sports: All-WCAC Honors

Congratulations to the following spring athletes who earned WCAC All Conference honors this spring in their respective sport.
Player of the Year: Nicholas Morabito '22
1st Team: Jake Gupton '23, Nicholas Morabito '22, Noah Potholm '22
2nd Team: Joe Zorc '24, Casey McGee '23
Honorable Mention: Marcus Leclair '23, Bryson Moore '23, Jackson Wilburn '24
Player of the Year:  Jack Teuschl '23
1st Team: Carson Looney '25, Matt Maloney '24, Jack Teuschl '23
2nd Team: Michael Gardiner '22, Josh DiZinno '22
Honorable Mention: Daniel Holden '22
1st Team: Tommy Bonavita '22, Austin Cunningham '23, Johnny Gardiner '24, Ryan Splaine '22
2nd Team: Leif Hagerup '22, Cody Hobson '24, James Matan '22, Declan Monahan '23, Jared Turner '22
3rd Team: Brendan Lane '22, Charlie Wise '22
Honorable Mention: Michael Michaelis '24, Matt Rienzo '23, Ryan Taylor '22
1st Team: Singles- Carson Foley '22, Daniel Jordanoff '24, Jack Sherner '24
                Doubles- Patrick Barry '22/Daniel Jordanoff '24
2nd Team: Singles- Preston Burton '24  
                 Doubles- Preston Burton '24/Carson Foley '22
Honorable Mention: Lucas Rohde '24
Freshman of the Year: Kainoa Winston ‘25

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