Thank You Father Planning!

Dear Gonzaga Community,

As Gonzaga's Board of Trustees, we have been honored to work alongside Father Stephen W. Planning, SJ for the past ten years. Over his decade of service to Eye Street, he has led the community with an unwavering commitment to our Jesuit mission and an inspired vision for the future. 

During his tenure, Gonzaga has gone through tremendous growth and changes--both physically to the campus as well as in terms of our curriculum and technology. As a school, we have experienced great losses and wonderful triumphs. And through it all, Father Planning has led with compassion and grace.

It is fitting that Father Planning conclude his time at Gonzaga in 2021, our Bicentennial year, as without a doubt his leadership and vision have placed Gonzaga on incredibly solid footing for its next 200 years. 

As we look back on these past ten years, we are filled with an enormous sense of gratitude--gratitude for Father's friendship, his humor, his empathy, and his dedication to Gonzaga and its mission. It is therefore a great honor to share this short video below with you. We hope you enjoy reliving some of the highlights of Father's tenure, and join us in offering our profound gratitude for his service to Gonzaga.


The Gonzaga Board of Trustees

Celebrating 200 Years of Jesuit Education in the Nation's Capital