2021 Gonzagafest--Enjoy the Videos!

Over the course of three days this spring -- one for each of our hybrid learning cohorts -- the school hosted  Gonzagafest, a fun-filled event meant to give students and faculty the chance to celebrate our community. Each of the three Gonzagafests were packed with activities for students to come together in a spirit of friendship and fun competition: dodgeball, tug of war, chariot races, bubble soccer, mini golf, cornhole, and much more. 

"At our first Gonzagafest Planning Committee meeting in mid-summer 2020, when things looked bleak, the students told me they had one goal: to find a way for students to create memories," said Ms. Caitlin Farley, who oversaw the event. "Let me be clear: it is the kids who made these events happen. They spent countless hours dedicated to maintaining the spirit of our community through these Gonzagafests. They were brave enough to see past the endless obstacles, determined enough to plan, execute, and clean up tons of creative activities, and enthusiastic enough to bring copious amounts of joy to their Gonzaga brothers and teachers. Frankly, I’m in awe of how much of themselves they gave to this endeavor and I just feel honored to have been in it with them." Next year, Ms. Farley will become Gonzaga's first Director of Student Activities. 

Each Gonzagafest kicked off with a 20-minute student-produced film. "Senior Will Buffaloe with the help of senior Stephen Cullina and many others did an unbelievable job in creating what amounted to a three-part major motion picture to kick off each day," said Mr. Conrad Singh '00, Gonzaga's Manager of Digital Media & Multimedia Production. "Called the Gonzagafest 2021 Trilogy, these movies are simply the best student-produced stuff I've ever seen." Click here to watch "The G Wing - Gonzagafest Part I," click here to watch "Krivka's Seven - Gonzagafest Part II," and click here to watch "The Empire Strikes Mak - Gonzagafest Part III".  You can also scroll to the bottom to watch them on this page.

We hope you enjoy the video recap below, which includes highlights from each of the three days as well as snippets from the three student-produced films:

"It was great to see pure, genuine enjoyment from our students," said Dean of Students Mr. Jim Kilroy. "I also always enjoy watching students interact with our faculty and staff outside the classroom. Whether it was volleyball, chess, or even bubble soccer, seeing our students get excited about competing with and against our adults was a blast. In a year where we've had only a handful of events to truly harness our great Gonzaga spirit, three Gonzagafests provided the perfect, much-needed outlet for fun."
Thank you to all of our faculty and student organizers who put so much time and effort into making Gonzagafest a success!

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