Seniors Return to Campus for Gonzaga's First G Day

On Friday, August 28, Gonzaga held its first "G Day" -- when smaller groups of students have the chance to come down to Eye Street for various activities and co-curricular opportunities. 

On this first G Day, members of the senior class were invited to commemorate and learn more about the 1963 March on Washington. Students came down to campus in waves of 40 at a time, and then were separated into smaller socially-distant groups for discussions and a march on Buchanan Field.

"It was so wonderful to see students back on campus," says Mr. Devon Leary, Gonzaga's Director of Diversity and an organizer of the event. "As a Jesuit school, we are always looking for opportunities to practice and reflect upon our Ignatian commitment to a faith that is centered around justice and equality. Learning about, discussing, and commemorating the 1963 March on Washington was an important and timely way to live up to that commitment."
Celebrating 200 Years of Jesuit Education in the Nation's Capital