Campus Ministry Hosts Retreat Team Training

Last weekend, Campus Ministry hosted more than 100 students in small groups on campus for its annual Retreat Team Training. 
Saturday morning kicked off with a dynamic virtual session involving moments of prayer, small group sharing, and team building. In addition, the groups spent time discussing the many procedures that now govern time on campus, so as to be well-prepared when they host groups for retreats, days of prayer, and fellowship.
Later that afternoon, a first group of 40 juniors and seniors (broken into groups of 10) visited for a 90-minute training session. Two other slightly smaller groups visited at separate points on Sunday. 

Retreat Team Training (2020)
“All three groups relished their time reconnecting with friends and our home on Eye Street,” says Dr. Szolosi, Director of Campus Ministry. “After navigating the necessary health screening upon arrival, groups moved to four spaces to reflect on the year ahead and how God has already been at work with us. We aimed to look with eyes of faith and nourish ourselves spiritually, so that we can approach our year of peer ministry grounded in God's goodness. The day gave us opportunities to shake off doubts and the temptation to resign. We remain hopeful for the year, determined to rise above, and confident that we will prove resilient.” 
The theme for this year’s retreats is, “Forward as Family!” To tie in with this theme, the retreat leaders created message boards for faculty and freshmen, offering words of gratitude (for the faculty) and encouragement (for the freshmen).
In addition to all the Campus Ministers, Mr. Patrick Edwards, Mr. Luke Allen, Mr. Ciaran Freeman, Fr. Gap LoBiondo, SJ and Fr. Harry Geib SJ offered their presence, support, and contributions both Saturday and Sunday.
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