St. Al's Church Restoration Complete

After several months of work, the restoration of St. Aloysius Church is now complete! 
"During my time on Eye Street, we have invested millions of dollars in the maintenance of our beloved St. Al's," said Father Planning. "We had engineers shore up the building after the earthquake of 2011, the entire brick exterior of the building was sealed and waterproofed to prevent further deterioration and water damage, much of the carpeting has been replaced, and the roof was completely rebuilt after the job was begun by Mother Nature. However, this most recent project is the work that I have enjoyed the most because it has enhanced the beauty of the building. The new paint looks spectacular, the rebuilt organ sounds magnificent, and the new, state-of-the-art sound system practically allows you to hear a pin drop on the altar all the way up in the third balcony. All of this will enhance greatly the prayer experience of Eagles for generations to come. Thank you to all who helped make this work through your generous support!"
Originally built in 1859, St. Al's is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In early January, Gonzaga closed its doors for some much-needed renovations. The work included a complete restoration of the pipe organ, which was built in 1950 and was past its life expectancy and beginning to show signs of failure. Workers rebuilt the organ's electrical console, replaced its leather components, and disassembled, cleaned, and restored its pipes. In addition, the ceiling of the sanctuary was meticulously cleaned and repainted.
Below you can watch a cool video that shows the church's transformation from different angles. And in the photos that accomany this story, you'll find stunning after shots of the repainted sanctuary and ceiling and restored pipe organ.

St. Al's Restoration (2020)
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