News of Alumni: Robbie Starkenburg '14

Robbie Starkenburg '14 is a volunteer in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, now serving at Friends of the Poor, a social service agency in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps requires a one-year commitment, which begins in the first weeks of August with orientation and ends the following August. The program is open to all young leaders, between the ages of 21 and 35.

In the Diocese of Scranton's “The Catholic Light” newsletter, Robbie said that he decided to volunteer with the Friends of the Poor, Robbie said his aunt and uncle met during their Jesuit Volunteer Corps experience, but added his decision was personal. “I went to a Jesuit high school, Gonzaga College High School, that’s where I was first inspired with the value, or instilled with the value of service.”

Congratulations, Robbie!
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