Sophomore Retreats—Enjoy the Photos!

Every fall, sophomores are invited to make an overnight retreat with their classmates. During the retreat, the boys have an opportunity to deepen their friendships with classmates and reflect on how they can make the most of their sophomore year. Afterwards, students were asked to reflect on what they will take home with them; here are some of their answers:

“I will try new things and take risks. I will continue to work to support others and help people in need, and I will strive to be the best Gonzaga man I can be.”

“New ways of praying will encourage me to look to God in times of struggle in the future.”

“I have grown closer with some of my friends.”

“I need to do more in my day-to-day actions to live out the Grad at Grad statement every day.”
We hope you enjoy these photos taken during the 2019 Sophomore Retreats:

Sophomore Retreats (2019)

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