Gonzaga Peace Club Holds Vigil Calling for the Humane Treatment of Immigrants

On Wednesday, September 4, Gonzaga’s Peace Club held a prayer vigil to call for the humane treatment of migrant children. The vigil was organized in response to the Ignatian Solidarity Network’s request that Jesuit schools, parishes, and individuals mark September 4th as a day to raise awareness about the needs of children of immigrants and refugees.  
The Gonzaga Peace Club created prayer cards, which religion teachers used to lead prayers for migrant children. Students also made posters of migrant children who died in detention, creating prayerful spaces with candles outside of Campus Ministry and other spots on campus to prompt reflection.

At the beginning of 8th period, the Peace Club led a beautiful prayer service in the courtyard, placing crosses in the grass with the photos and names of children who have died. During the prayer service, students and faculty prayed in the memory of deceased children for the safety and wellbeing of all migrant children. Ben Campion '20 and Henry Sullivan '20 led the crowd of more than 300 in a decade of the rosary and a concluding prayer.

Ms. Katie Murphy, Faculty Moderator of the Peace Club, said: “Without a doubt, awareness was spread about the plight of immigrants and hopefully our prayers rose like incense to God and inspired hearts to fight for justice of immigrants.”

Here are some photos from the day:

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