Welcome New Faculty and Staff!

Gonzaga is thrilled to welcome 11 new faculty and staff members to the community this year, as well as three recent Gonzaga graduates as members of the Alumni Service Corps. If you see these new faces around Eye Street, be sure to say hello!

  Ryan Beber
  Math Teacher
  Hometown: Cypress, California
  Education: B.A., University of South Carolina; M.A. in Spanish, University of South Carolina; Master’s in Teaching, University of the District of Columbia.
On teaching math: “I love being able to challenge students to look beyond rote memorization into a world of deeper understanding and real-world connections. I look forward to showing how math is everywhere, and that all facets of life live, breathe, and radiate mathematics.”
  Madeline Davin
  Campus Minister
  Hometown: Kensington, Maryland
  Education: B.A., Theology, Wheeling Jesuit University
 Why she’s drawn to working in Campus Ministry: “I love accompanying students as they make their faith their own, whether through retreats, immersion trips, or liturgy.”

  Ciaran Freeman
  Art Teacher
  Hometown: Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
  Education: B.A., Studio Art and Art History, Santa Clara University
 What he’s looking forward to at Gonzaga: “I’m excited to merge my passion for visual art with Gonzaga’s Jesuit values and Ignatian approach to education. I also greatly admire Gonzaga’s commitment to service. I myself have been on nine different service immersion trips—from Bethel, Alaska to Guayaquil, Ecuador.” 
  Patrick Gallagher
  Director of College Counseling
  Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
  Education: B.A., M. Ed in Counseling, XMBA, Loyola University
 On joining Gonzaga: “My Jesuit education has shaped me into the person I am today. I believe that mission and joy have to be part of what a person does for a living, and I think there’s no better place for that than a Jesuit school.”
  Geoffrey Miller
  Religion Teacher
  Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
  Education: PhD, Biblical Studies, Catholic University; M.A., Historical Theology, St. Louis University; B.A., Religious Studies and Philosophy, Indiana University
Favorite part of teaching: “I not only get to teach a subject I thoroughly enjoy but I also get to accompany young people on their path to greater maturity and understanding.”
  Haley Mooney
  Spanish Teacher
  Hometown:Portland, Oregon
  Education: M.A., Hispanic Studies, Universidad de Zaragoza; B.A., Spanish and International Studies, Loyola University Chicago
Why she’s excited to join the Gonzaga community: “I spent three years teaching Spanish at Jesuit College Preparatory School in Dallas, Texas. I truly appreciate the many opportunities for growth that Ignatian education provides, and I feel like it is the perfect place for me to continue growing and learning as an educator.”
  Brittany Smith
  Admissions Administrative Assistant
  Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
  Familiar Face: Brittany served as Gonzaga’s receptionist last year, and joined the staff full-time over the summer in the Admissions Department. “I’m thrilled to be able to continue to grow the relationships I’ve built over the last year,” she says. “Gonzaga is a special place!”

  Kevin Tarpey
  Math Teacher
  Hometown:Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania
  Education: M.A., Secondary Mathematics Education, Cabrini University; B.S., Human Development and Family Studies, Pennsylvania State University
On teaching high schoolers: “I come into the classroom with a plan every day, but depending on what kind of day I and the students are having, things can change very quickly—which is why I love teaching. I also enjoy seeing students grow from week to week, and year to year.”
  Marcus Thompson
  Assistant Dean of Students
Clinton/Upper Marlboro, Maryland
B.S. Special Education and Early Childhood Education, Bowie State University
Professional Background: "For the last 5 years I have been a Crisis Intervention Resource Teacher, providing individual and group intervention for students in crisis, conflict resolution, and restorative practice. I love that no two days are alike; expect the unexpected. Most of all, I love helping students navigate issues to find a solution.”
  Kathryn Vaughn
  Executive Assistant, Headmaster’s Office
  Hometown: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  Education: B.A., Communications and English, The College of Charleston
Career Turning Point:“In undergrad, I worked in event planning, journalism, and public relations. In 2015, I joined Teach for America and spent two years as a high school English teacher in Jacksonville. After a few months in the classroom, I knew I could never have a career that didn’t involve children. Last year, I taught tenth grade English at KIPP College Preparatory School in D.C. and in August I began pursuing my Master’s in Public Policy part-time at Georgetown.”
  Sarah Washington
  Math Teacher
  Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland
  Education: M.A., Secondary Math Education, B.S., Mathematics, Catholic University
What she loves about teaching: “I love when a student who had been struggling with a certain topic is finally able to figure it out for themselves. People are meant to be challenged. The reward and satisfaction once that challenge has been overcome is my favorite part of learning and therefore, my favorite part of teaching!”
  Finally, we are also excited to welcome this year’s Alumni Service Corps, which includes      three members of the Gonzaga Class of 2015: Josue Amaya, Jordan Cameron, and    Griffin Morche. ASC members work on campus in a variety of roles—as substitute      teachers, retreat and service project leaders, coaches, club moderators, and more—and live together in nearby housing that’s provided by the school.

Welcome to all! 
Please note, also included in the group picture above are two staff members who started during the 2018-2019 academic year: Math teacher Chris Sumner and Assistant Director of College Counseling Angela Davies.
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