Bishop Walker Students Visit Gonzaga, Continue Poetry Partnership

On Tuesday, May 7, ten fifth grade students and two teachers from Bishop Walker School, a tuition-free school for boys in the Congress Heights neighborhood of Southeast, D.C., visited Gonzaga to spend time with members of Gonzaga’s Poets and Writers Club.

Gonzaga students visited Bishop Walker in February to conduct a poetry writing workshop. This day was a continuation of that partnership and sharing of poetry, with the Bishop Walker students now visiting Gonzaga’s campus.

“The Gonzaga poets taught, wrote, encouraged, challenged, and showed the Bishop Walker students a wonderful experience of brotherhood and poetry,” said Joseph Ross, English Teacher and Moderator of the Gonzaga Poets and Writers Club.

In addition to the poetry workshops, the students also ate lunch together, took tours of campus, and enjoyed a mellow game of football on Buchanan Field.

Gonzaga students who participated include Derrick Aikens ‘20, Wade Jackson ‘20, Will Boram ‘19, Justin Ball ‘19, Hunter Stewart ‘19, Lucas Jung ‘19, Aaron Davis ‘19, Charlie Connolly ‘19, Cole Strudwick ‘19, James Washington ‘19, Coleman Bunn ‘20, Andrew Gans ‘20, and Henry Sullivan ‘20.

Thank you to all of the students who participated in this special day!
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