Kairos CLI Returns

Kairos CLI returned to Eye Street on Friday, March 15 from a week of prayer, self-reflection, and fellowship. 
Sixty juniors and seniors participated in the retreat, accompanied in their experience by faculty and staff. Mr. Stephen Szolosi, Director of Campus Ministry, shared with the Gonzaga staff some comments that the students wrote at the end of the retreat, reflecting on the experience and the ways in which the retreat deepened their relationships with each other and with God. Some of those student reflections included:
“I've met new friends, learned about my relationship with God, and have new insights towards myself. I don't think that this can be recreated any other way. I am so thankful for this experience."
"My eyes have been opened to the different types of prayer and how effective they can be."
"I've seen clear evidence that something special and miraculous is going on in our lives."
Gonzaga President Rev. Stephen Planning, SJ, who participated in aspects of the retreat, says he was grateful for the prayers and support of the Gonzaga community during Kairos—and the committed involvement of the student and faculty leaders. “Obviously this was the first Kairos since the disciplinary incident occurred on the January retreat,” he said. “While we made some basic changes to the structure of the retreat itself, the core elements of the experience were unchanged. Reading the student reflections really reinforces how powerful an experience Kairos can be for all involved. What a great blessing it is that our students continue to have this wonderful opportunity to take time to be reminded of God’s love for them.”
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