College of the Holy Cross Choir and Chamber Singers Perform Concert in Sheehy Theater

Gonzaga was honored to welcome singers from the College of the Holy Cross to Eye Street this week. The students—part of both the Holy Cross College Choir and Holy Cross Chamber Singers—were on a performance tour through the Mid-Atlantic, and visited the Sheehy Theater to perform for and with Gonzaga students.

During the concert, Gonzaga's Chamber Choir sang "Let The River Run" by Carly Simon while students from Gonzaga and Holy Cross combined to sing "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor" by Irving Berlin.  Here is a great photo of the group after their combined performance:

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A number of Gonzaga’s faculty and staff are alumni of Holy Cross, a Jesuit college in Worcester, MA, and attended the concert.  Dave Dugan '98, Randy Trivers, Harry Risseto '89, and Paul Buckley '86 are pictured with the group below:

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Thank you Holy Cross for visiting Eye Street! Click here to see an Instagram post that includes a video montage of the concert. We hope you enjoy this video of the combined performance below:

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