English Department Hosts Second Annual Alumni Poets' Gathering

On Thursday, January 10, a group of Gonzaga alumni returned to campus to participate in the Gonzaga English Department’s second annual Alumni Poets' Gathering.

During two periods of the school day, several of the young alumni visited this year's poetry classes, talking with the students and modeling the poetry workshop process for them. After school, the alumni participated in a poetry reading and discussion about how writing matters in their lives post-graduation. At the end of the event, English Teacher and Head Football Coach Randy Trivers shared an original poem.

Alumni in attendance included Joe Dahut '14, Kyle Newman-Smith '16, John Hulede '13, Deion Williams '17, Jirhe Love '17, Derrell Bouknight '16, Landen Buckson '16, Kenny Carter '18, and Jefferson Ascensio '18.Thank you for coming back and sharing your work!
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