All-WCAC Selections - Fall (2018)

Congratulations to the following student athletes that made All-WCAC honors this fall in their respective sports.
Cross Country
1st Team: Gavin McElhennon, Cullen Capuano, Patrick Donnelly, David Giannini, Luke Francese
1st Team: Ryan Elie, Brady Young, Pierre DeLaCroix Vaubois
2nd Team:  Mark Western
Honorable Mention: Finn McCaslin, Gonzalo Bartoli Pinero, Sebastian Tabash
Offensive Player of the Year: Caleb Williams
1st Team: Aaron Davis, Dean Engram, Olu Fashanu, Sean Johns, Marco Kemp, John Marshall, Luke Petitbon, Sam Sweeney, Joseph Wete, Caleb Williams
2nd Team:Justin Ball, Kye Holmes, Jestus Johnson, Jackson Leggans, Loic Sangwa, Hunter Stewart, Lucas Warfield
Honorable Mention: Jalen McMurray, Grant Parker, Malcolm Terry, Aaron Turner, Joshua Williams 

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