Varsity 4's - We had three entries in this event of 53.  Our A and B boats were the stern 4 and bow 4 of our HOCR 8.  Our C entry was our HOCR 4.  Our order of finish was 2nd (bow four) winning a silver medal, 6th (stern four) and 18th.  Only 5 school crews beat our C-4, likely all first boats, so again a good sign for our budding 2v8 for the spring.  
Frosh 8's - We had four entries in this event of 49, the most of any school or club.  In four roughly even boats our part-time Freesh finished 25, 28, 29 and 36.  With our budding Frosh talent spread across all boats, our crews were still middle of the pack.  
JV 4s - We boated two entries in this event of 41 boats for underclassmen.  Both did EXTREMELY well.  Our B-boat of Nick Barnes,  Adam Sanin, Will Varnell, Owen Malone and Adriano Bayz came out smoking with the fastest time to the St Joe's boathouse for the entire event and finished 12th.  A tremendous result for a crew that had never rowed together as an intact crew.  Our A-Boat managed to repeat last year's bronze medal performance and finished 3rd only 4.5 seconds out of first!
Varsity 8s - We boated two roughly even line-ups in this event.  Overall there were 62 entries.  Our "A" boat stroked by Winston Leslie powered to a 5th place finish (last year we were 3rd) behind Montclair HS and the Brunswick School, both Stotes circuit schools, and two clubs.  We raced Montclair even over the last quarter of the course, which showed the depth of our conditioning and our ability to sustain speed over 2.5 miles.  Our "B" boat, stroked by Johnny Roberts, notionally finished 16th, but they were impeded by a collision when a crew they were overtaking refused to yield and hit them. 
JV-Eights - We put out three crews in this event of 65 and did substantially better than last year.  Coach Daley's first class of sophomores continues to impress.  Our JV-A crew seemed in the hunt for a medal based on earlier racing in the JV-4s, but a giant collision, resulting in a full stop, and back-up to disentangle slowed them down a good bit, but they still finished 10th.  They were in 5th prior to the mishap.  This year we  finished 10th, 16th, and 30th.  
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