Freshman Virtual Learn to Row Camp

Gonzaga's Crew program usually holds a 5-day Learn-To-Row (LTR) Camp in late July open to all incoming freshmen.  This year however, due to COVID-19 concerns, LTR cannot be held in its traditional form in July. Instead, this year, the coaching staff will host a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, August 4 at 8:00pm open to all Gonzaga Freshmen interested in learning more about our program.

We will introduce the attendees to the coaching staff, Freshman and Varsity, show a recently-produced video about the history of Gonzaga Rowing, have a couple of seniors tell of their experiences on the team and then open it up for questions and describe next steps in the highly unique environment of Fall 2020. The entire meeting should not last more than an hour.

We feel it is important to acknowledge that the crew season may not come to fruition, but if it is allowed based on prevailing health guidance, we will have a safe plan in place.
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