Senior College Counseling Financial Meetings

Forte Hall -- College Counseling Offices
Please contact Mr. Gallagher if you're interested in signing up for this event.

The financial aid process can be very overwhelming and confusing. On Saturday, October 19, Gonzaga’s College Counseling Office (CCO) will host three financial aid officers who will meet one-on-one with a family for a 30 minute meeting to answer any questions. These meetings are only for Seniors and their parents/guardians and are completely optional.

     -  Families will receive an email in September to sign up for a 30 minute time slot.

     -  The FAFSA Profile must be filled out prior to the appointment so the financial aid counselor can view it with each family.  

More Information:
-  FAFSA (Free Application Form for Federal Student Aid): All colleges require the FAFSA  for need-based aid, Click here for FAFSA information.  The earliest you can file the FAFSA is October 1, 2019.

CSS PROFILE (College Scholarship Service): Approximately 400 private colleges also require the CSS Profile, Click here for more information on the CSS Profile. The CSS Profile is typically available beginning October 1.
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