Alumni Rugby Game

Buchanan Field
Out with the old, in with the new. After several high-level discussions with Coach Kelly, we have decided to change the format of this year's alumni game, and host the first ever Gonzaga Rugby Alumni Touch Tournament. 

The new format will hopefully make things more inclusive for everyone- no matter if you're still currently playing or haven't touched a ball in a few years, if you're running marathons or watching Netflix marathons on your couch. Come on out, and enjoy a great day on Eye Street. We all know you don’t want to go to your Great Aunt’s house to visit, so put the Alumni Game back on your schedule as something you have to be at.

The format (depending on amount of teams) will look something like this:
Round Robin/Pool Play Tournament
Comprised of 7-10 player teams
7 vs 7, 7 minute halves, ROLLING SUBS.
Semi Finals and Finals to follow pool play
We will make sure to guarantee each team 2-3 games (again, depending on overall participation)

And to make things more interesting: Enter your own team! Take charge and call up some of the old boys, and put your squad together. Our goal is to have this year's alumni game have the largest turnout of Gonzaga alumni in recent history, and this is the easiest way to guarantee that!

If you don't feel like putting a team together, no worries- show up on Thanksgiving Friday, and we will assemble teams of free agents, or assign you to a pre-formed team. 

Looking forward to seeing you at this year's Gonzaga Rugby Alumni Game! Go Eagles.
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