NHS Canned Food Drive ends

The National Honor Society Canned Food Drive will run from Monday Oct 29th to Friday Nov 2nd and will again be run through the various homerooms. The overall goal for the drive is 15,000 cans and 85% student participation. If we achieve this goal then the entire school will receive a dress down day. 
In addition to the school wide goal, the drive is also a competition between homerooms. In order to prioritize what the McKenna center needs the most the following point system is used:
- 3 points: Soup, preferably Campbells chunky, Progresso, and condensed soups (cream of mushroom or tomato)
- 2 points: Baked Beans (12-18oz) AND Jelly (grape or strawberry in plastic jars around 16oz)
- 1 point for all other items.
- NOTE - Ramen packets will be half a point.  Each 12 pack of ramen=6 points, each 24 pack=12 points, individual=½ point
- Lower priority items are canned veggies,  canned fruits, and peanut butter. These items can be easily acquired through the food bank. They will gladly take anything but please prioritize the point items listed above.
If these incentives are not enough, we will also be competing against St. John's again this year as they run their drive during the same week. The school that earns a higher percentage of their respective goals will be the winner. So as always, lets work to BEAT ST. JOHNS.
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