Summer Learning Programs

Please note: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, online registration for Gonzaga's summer learning programs has been pushed back to May 1, 2020. Please check back on this page then for more updates and information. Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.
During the summer months, Gonzaga offers a wide array of academic programs and classes on campus, designed both for Gonzaga students as well as students from area high schools. Online registration for the Freshman Transition Program is now available by clicking here; to register for Summer Enrichment programs, click here

Feel free to contact Director of Summer Learning Scott Waller at 202-336-7158 or with questions or for more information.

Freshman Transition


Students enrolling in the Summer Learning Program are required to first sign up for the "Introduction to Eye Street" class and then if desired to register for one or two more subject workshops. The three subject area workshops are English, Mathematics, and Reading. Descriptions of Workshops are listed below.

Introduction to Eye Street is the cornerstone class for incoming students to Gonzaga. The purpose of the course is to introduce new students to many aspects of student life that may not fall under our standard academic curriculum. The class is centered around the five tenants of the graduate and graduation (Intellectually Competent, Open to Growth, Religious, Loving, and Committed to Doing Justice). Working backward to their first days as an Eagle, the class creates an extended orientation to help students be better prepared for their first day of school at Gonzaga.

Topics that will be covered will help our young men understand: the history and importance of Gonzaga's location in its identity, why students attend Gonzaga, what our expectations are for Gonzaga students, and how Gonzaga can plan to help them achieve their goals over four years on Eye Street.
This year's program will take place from June 29 to July 24. Click here to register online.

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  • English Workshop

    The English Workshop will engage students in the kinds of writing essential for subject writing in their high school courses. This course will include a review of basic composition with a strong emphasis on sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. A thorough introduction to the Gonzaga Writing Project will also be included.
  • Mathematics Workshops

    The Mathematics Workshops are designed to meet students where they are in terms of arithmetic and algebraic skills.  Students will be placed in the appropriate class based on the Gonzaga Mathematics Placement Exam taken on June 1, 2019.  Every course is tailored to provide an on-going general review and individualized help where necessary.

    The following courses are available in the Freshman Transition Program:  Advanced Math; Algebra, and; Geometry.  Again, workshop placement is determined based on the placement exam taken in June.
  • Reading Workshop

    The Reading Workshop will provide the student with proven techniques for increased comprehension and retention of reading material.  Students will concentrate on analysis of Gonzaga summer reading texts through structured discussion and short written responses.

Summer Enrichment Programs

Open to all DC area high school students, the Gonzaga Summer Enrichment program allows students to enhance their skills in key subjects, prepare for college testing or applications or discover something new and exciting. Courses are offered between June 29 and July 24, with July 3 being a holiday.  Click on the course offerings below for full descriptions, and click here to register. Please note: these classes are not open to incoming Gonzaga freshmen.

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  • Algebra Refresher

    A review of the basic algebra skills grown "rusty" during geometry, this course is designed to help students prepare for Algebra II in the Fall.  This class will allow students to enter the next phase of high-school mathematics with confidence and knowledge.
  • Crafting the College Essay

    This two-week class is designed for seniors who will soon begin the application process, with a focus on the essential college essay. Classes will concentrate on general essay principles and examine effective techniques. Assistance with individual draft essays will be provided. 
  • Geometry Primer

    Gear up for Geometry!  This course is an opportunity for high school students to develop skills needed for success in Geometry.  Introductory instruction and conceptual development of geometric theorems, postulates and proofs are provided.   Students will learn to switch from the analytical approach used in Algebra to the more logical methodology of Geometry.
  • Makerspace: 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Coding, and More

    In this course, you will be given the opportunity to create and to learn skills in emerging technologies. We will use computer-aided design to create objects using the 3D printers, laser cutters, and the CNC machine available at Gonzaga. In addition, we will learn the basics of coding to use Arduinos and Raspberry Pis to show how circuitry and coding work together. If you like to tinker and create, this is the course for you!
  • Movie-Making and Live Broadcasting (Intro to WZAG)

    There are many ways to tell a story. At Gonzaga, we have a class called WZAG that live broadcasts to the school every day during homeroom. In this summer course, you will learn how to film, how to edit using Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop, as well as how to use a teleprompter and live broadcasting software. If you like to be on camera or behind the camera (or both), we highly recommend this course!
  • Personal Finance

    Have you wanted to take Mr. Every's Personal Finance class during the school year but been unable to fit it into your schedule? Here's your chance to learn some key life skills this summer! The class will cover topics such as good and bad spending habits, the value of saving, budgeting, setting SMART financial goals, and making good financial decisions for major purchases/commitments such as cell phone plans, cars, and homes. We'll also cover borrowing, simple and compound interest, investing, long term financial planning, financial services, insurance, and taxes. We'll examine the cost of living in Washington, DC as well as "Life Below the Line," an in-depth look at the root causes of poverty in DC and beyond. This course promises to provide you with skills and knowledge that will have practical impacts for your life well into the future.
  • Precalculus

    Precalculus with Analysis is offered only to the rising junior or senior wishing to advance in Mathematics. Summer Precalculus and Analysis is a concentrated and accelerated class meeting three hours a day for 19 days in the summer. Upon completion, the course will be listed on the student's transcript without a grade, fulfilling the prerequisite for more advanced mathematics courses. This course is not offered for academic credit, does not fulfill Gonzaga’s mathematics graduation requirement and has no impact on a student’s overall GPA. 

    Below are the course description and details about the summer course:

    Course Description: Precalculus provides a complete mathematical background for the study of calculus. Particular attention is given to linear functions, quadratic functions, rational functions, systems of equations, polynomial functions, conic sections, trigonometry, graphs of functions, sequences, series, complex numbers, and techniques of equation solving. Completion of 330 or 331 is the only prerequisite.

    • Class meetings: Weekdays June 29 to July 24 from 8:20 am to 11:25 am, July 3 holiday
    • Students must attend every class, missing more than two classes will result in the student being withdrawn from the course.
    • Students are to enroll in AP Calculus AB or AP Statistics for the fall semester.
    • The course will be listed on the student's transcript upon successful completion without a grade.
  • SAT/ACT Review: English

    The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) continues to be an essential component of the college selection and decision process for college-bound seniors.  Gonzagas review courses are open to male students from all high schools and help students prepare for these important tests.
    The classes are intensive and comprehensive, devoted exclusively to reviewing and mastering test materials, and includes a simulated test.  
    The SAT / ACT English (Verbal) class provides students with a review of logic problems and analytical readings.  Writing, vocabular-building and on-going word review are stressed.  Review and practice for on-demand essay writing in the new format will be thoroughly covered.
  • SAT/ACT Review: Mathematics

    The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) continues to be an essential component of the college selection and decision process for college-bound seniors.  Gonzaga's review courses are open to male students from all area high schools and help students prepare for these important tests.
    The classes are intensive and comprehensive, devoted exclusively to reviewing and mastering test materials, and include a simulated test.  
    The SAT / ACT class in Mathematics is designed to give students a thorough review of college preparatory math.  The review includes an overview of the basic concepts and theories and practice in using essential skills and formulas.
  • Spanish Intensive Workshop

    Conducted primarily in Spanish, this course will provide practice in speaking, reading, and listening.  Using authentic resources, students will practice and retain vocabulary, review grammar, and be ready for the next level in the fall.
  • Summer Writing Workshop

    The Summer Writing Workshop is open to rising sophomores or juniors who want to improve their writing skills, specifically with literary writing and paragraph/essay writing. The class will be tailored to students’ needs, and all levels are welcome. Content could include a review of punctuation templates (PTs), paragraph and/or essay structure, and other grammar and writing rules. Students will be encouraged to revise response paragraphs and essays that they wrote during the school year.

Credit Review Programs

Open to all DC area high school students, the Gonzaga Summer Credit Review program allows students to enhance their skills in key subjects or review material in courses previously taken. Courses are offered between June 29 and July 24.  Click on the course offerings below for full description; online registration will open after May 15. Please note: these classes are not open to incoming Gonzaga freshmen.  

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  • Credit Review Tutorial

    The Gonzaga Credit Review Tutorial Program is an innovative alternative to course failure designed specifically for college-bound students.  The tutorial format provides students with the opportunity to concentrate on a single subject with individual instruction and attention.
    The intensive curriculum for each course is structured as a tutorial with a limited number of students per course.  Classes are 90  minutes in length, providing enough time to enable teachers and students to cover subject matter in depth and to fit instruction to individual need.
    Gonzaga students who attended summer review class in past summers improved their performance the following semester in the next level of the subject studied by an average of one and one-half grades.  The following courses are offered in the 2019 Summer program.
    * Algebra I, II
    * Biology
    * Chemistry
    * English I-IV
    * Geometry
    * History - European
    * History - United States
    * Latin I, II & III
    * Physics
    * Pre-Calculus
    * Religion I - IV
    * Spanish I, II & III
    * World Cultures
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