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Student News, Upcoming Events, and more in this week’s Headlines

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Eye Street Headlines
April 21, 2017
Educating Young Men in the Jesuit Tradition Since 1821
Lead Story Image

Back in December, Victor Trinidade ’17 spoke at Gonzaga’s monthly school Mass about the Shishu Bhavan Children’s Home in Kolkata, India, which made a big impression on him when he visited it with his family. The collection that day was dedicated to the orphanage, which is run by the Missionaries of Charity – the order of sisters that was founded by Mother Teresa. Over Easter Break, Victor and his parents delivered the money collected at the school Mass to the orphanage. Victor also had the opportunity to visit Mother Teresa’s tomb. Click here to see more pictures from Victor’s trip.

Story Pic

Six Gonzaga students - Brian Doolan ’17, Sam Gonson ’17, Patrick Kelly ’17, Jirhe Love ’17, Ignacio Mata Cordero ’17, Thomas Vasquez ’17 - were winners in the high school division in the annual Parkmont School Poetry Contest recently. Students from more than 40 elementary and high schools in Washington, D.C., participated in the contest this year, submitting more than 400 poems.

Click here to read some of the winning poems >>

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The Gonzaga community is recognizing Earth Day, which is officially celebrated on April 22nd, with events on campus this week and next. On April 19th, Dr. Ben Poulter, a scientist from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, visited and discussed the scientific background of climate change. On April 26th, Gonzaga welcomes a speaker from the Catholic Climate Covenant who will discuss Pope Francis’s encyclical on Creation care, Laudato Si.

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Rugby Program Hosts Annual “Jesuit Rugby Classic”

Click here for more >>

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“The Fort is Purple”, a great video recently released by Monumental Sports Network, offers a behind-the-scenes look at the Varsity Hockey team’s victory this year over St. Albans. Congratulations again to the MAPHL Champs!

Click here for more >>

For complete Gonzaga athletics coverage, including stories about Golf, Lacrosse, Tennis, and more, read the Sports Weekly paper here >>

Story Pic

Eagles’ Wings Mass & Day of Reflection

April 22, 2017
8:15 AM - 1:00 PM

Rev. Gap LoBiondo, SJ, will celebrate Mass. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Madga Pettey (P ’15) will be the guest speakers on the topic "The Resurrection and Forgiveness." Please RSVP to Marie Duellman.

Story Pic

Celebrate the Class of 2017!
Special order only by Friday, April 28th.

Purple rugby-style knit blanket with the Gonzaga “G” or purple knit blanket with the Gonzaga seal. Both feature “2017” on them. Please order online or call the store by Friday, April 28th. Makes a fabulous graduation gift. Find it on the Gonzaga bookstore website under Amazing Graduation Gifts

**All proceeds benefit the Kozik Fund.**


John C. Heizmann ’72

J. Philip Koontz ’41

Dr. Thomas G. Maloney, Jr. ’43

James P. Nash ’43

Maria Ochoa, Grandmother of John H. Rozier ’12 and Lucas W. Rozier ’15

Catherine K. Raskauskas, Mother of Ernest C., Jr. ’69

Robert D. Tompkins, Father of Steven D. ’73 and Richard P. ’77


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